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What We Offer

Private Tutoring Includes:

(online or in-person)

  • Everything from teaching a concept that a student may have missed, to guiding a student through practice questions with patience, kindness and encouragement
  • Additional practice questions and/or tests to complete after the session, as needed
  • Exam strategies
  • On-call service: Having trouble on a homework question? Studying for a quiz and can't figure out a question? Text Karen! Depending on her schedule and availability, she will provide help through texting or a personalized video explanation in as little as 15 minutes, or up to 12 hours (if she's really swamped)

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Also Available: ONLINE TUTORING!

Video Help Library

Coming soon!

Review Courses

Our courses are more about the students engaged by 'doing' rather than just watching from the back of the class!

Online interactive review courses are being offered to prepare you for the next grade. Since physical distancing is required, Karen is offering the same thorough and beneficial review (only without the free drinks and snacks! -- sorry)
  • Maximum meeting size of 8
  • Karen teaches topic and example, students do questions and text each answer to Karen, so Karen can review the question with the class while keeping the student privacy
  • Students may ask questions in the meeting, or text Karen the question, if wanting to remain anonymous
  • Optional 30 minute private help session daily with assigned questions ($35 value for free!)
  • Binder provided with course materials (notes, examples, practice questions) and 5 coupons for private help sessions will be delivered to student's house prior to start date

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Available Courses

Online Booking with Acuity

Acuity Scheduling takes care of the scheduling and credit card security for us.

It's ultra-safe and efficient!

Who is your Tutor?

Karen Auch

Tutor, Teacher, Engineer, Parent...

I am a certified teacher with over 25 years of tutoring and classroom teaching experience.

My specialty is high school pre-calculus math and calculus.

I am also a parent who understands wanting the best for your children.

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